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Ray was a speaker at the recent National Security Institute’s IMPACT Conference in Chantilly, VA for security officers and recorded a video DICE Radio after the event. The report he talks about: Statement for the Record on the Worldwide Threat Assessment of the U.S. Intelligence Community for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence  (DNI, 12 March […]

DICE Radio 16 April

  More Information: William Colton Millay Sentenced To 16 Years In Prison For Selling Military Secrets (AP) An Alaska-based military policeman will serve 16 years in prison and will be dishonorably discharged for selling secrets to an FBI undercover agent who he believed was a Russian spy, a panel of eight military members has decided. […]

DICE Radio 2 April


DICE Radio 20 March

More Information: Military contractor/Army reservist charged with passing classified info to Chinese girlfriend FBI arrests NASA contractor about to leave U.S. for China        

DICE Radio 26 Sept

—————————————— Additional Information   EVERY American citizen, whether Democrat, Republican or Independent, needs to watch this movie: Obama’s America 2016 website —————————————— American High School Band Marches with Hammer & Sickle (Fox News) A Pennsylvania high school marching band is raising eyebrows with a halftime performance that commemorates the Russian revolution, complete with red flags, olive […]

DICE Radio 27 July

– – – – – – – – – – – – Additional Information: Reporting Information (aka JDLR Reports) – – – – – – – – – – – – Colorado Movie Theater Massacre (CBS) Aurora Theater Shooting (Denver Post) – – – – – – – – – – – – Police: Crofton man planned […]

DICE Radio 29 June

—————— Additional Information National Classification Management Society – the Society of Industrial Security Professionals —————– United Technologies sent military copter tech to China (Reuters) United Technologies Corp on Thursday admitted selling China software that helped Beijing develop its first modern military attack helicopter, one of hundreds of export control violations over nearly two decades. At a […]

DICE Radio 20 June

——————————————– Additional Information DICEMAN FOR PRESIDENT 2012 page “Our founding fathers put their lives on the line for independence. The time has come today for us to do the same.”–Ray Semko ——————— Ban All Super-Sized Government Regulations . . . . Massachusetts mayor proposes sugary drinks limit (Reuters) The mayor of Cambridge, Massachusetts, has asked […]

DICE Radio 7 June

—————– Additional Information: When Ray Semko recently went to a US defense company to give a D*I*C*E briefing and saw a sign saying “No Lenovo computers allowed in this building,” he knew he was going to like this company! State Department Yields on PC’s From China (New York Times, 2006) . . . . .Lenovo […]

DICE Radio 4 May

—————————- Additional Information The Real Unemployment Rate (NY Post) The unemployment rate is 8.1% but is that the real number of people out of  work in America? Not even close. As reported, 115,000 jobs were added in April, which is considerably lower  than previously predicted. But still the number of jobs added brought the  jobless […]