Seeking A Way Out: The Jeffery Delisle Espionage Case, Part III

(NOIR For USA) When the prison doors shut on insider spy and former Canadian Navy Sub-Lieutenant Jeffery Delisle, he left behind four children and a budding relationship with a woman who loved him. Delisle had a history of marital and financial problems that included declaring bankruptcy and discovering his wife’s adultery, which created the conditions […]

“They Had a Photo of My Children”: The Jeffery Delisle Case, Part II

(NOIR For USA) If it was former Canadian Navy Sub-Lieutenant Jeffery Delisle’s intention to free himself of the burden of his financial troubles and to take some decisive action to counter his sense of helplessness when faced with the collapse of his marriage, any relief he may have felt after volunteering his services to the […]

A Psychological Perfect Storm: The Jeffery Delisle Case, Part I

(NOIR For USA) By all accounts, there’s nothing exceptional about former Canadian Navy Sub-Lieutenant Jeffery Delisle, certainly nothing that would suggest a future as a convicted insider spy. A high school friend described him as the “sort of person who just blended into the background.”  If he was notable in high school for anything, it was […]

Defense Contractor Benjamin Bishop sentenced to 87 months for giving classified info to Chinese girlfriend

Hawaii Man Sentenced to 87 Months Imprisonment for Communicating Classified National Defense Information to Unauthorized Person Wednesday, September 17, 2014 (DOJ) Assistant Attorney General for National Security John P. Carlin and U.S. Attorney Florence T. Nakakuni for the District of Hawaii announced today that Benjamin Pierce Bishop, 60, a former Honolulu, Hawaii, civilian defense contractor […]

Building a Better Mole Trap

(Newsweek) The continuing leaks of National Security Agency material by Edward Snowden so dominate the news that you don’t hear much these days about Cold War–style moles burrowing through the CIA, FBI and Defense Department on behalf of foreign spy services. Yet they keep surfacing, without much notice: At least 20 Americans have been arrested on […]

New revelations about Cuban spy Ana Montes

(Miami Herald) For 16 years, Ana Belen Montes spied for Cuba from increasingly responsible positions at the Defense Intelligence Agency. If Havana has ever run a higher level or more valuable mole inside the American defense establishment, that has never been revealed. When she was arrested in late September 2001, Montes was about the equivalent in rank […]

Spying is “Professional Suicide”

A military officer says in this video that when he began spying for the Russian intelligence service, it was “professional suicide” and that “every day since then I die–every day–knowing what I’ve done.” –Jeffery Delisle, 43 years old. Note his severe emotional distress over discovering his wife had an affair, the betrayal of which he claims […]

Pentagon grapples to understand how yet another insider threat went undeterred

(Washington Post)  Wednesday’s mass shooting by an Army specialist in Fort Hood, Tex., put the Pentagon on a dreaded, if increasingly familiar, footing as officials grappled to understand how yet another insider threat went undeterred. It unfolded just two weeks after the Defense Department unveiled the findings of three investigations into last year’s fatal shooting at a Navy Yard […]

Report: Pentagon must focus on insider threat

Internal Review of the Washington Navy Yard Shooting: A Report to the Secretary of Defense (DOD, 20 Nov 2013) (AP) Reviews triggered by the Washington Navy Yard killings last year have concluded that threats to Defense Department personnel and facilities increasingly are coming from trusted insiders, and to defeat them the Pentagon must beef up security from within. An […]

FBI on Robert Hoffman Naval Espionage Case

This article is from the FBI’s website, but first, note their sidebar box: Reward for Information Special Agent James Dougherty has a dozen years of experience investigating spies, and in almost all of the cases he has worked, the subjects’ families, friends, or colleagues had concerns but failed to report them to authorities. “The FBI […]

Moles in US Navy helped defense contractor bilk government

Takeaway point: “Affidavits filed by investigators demonstrate how easy it was for a foreign contractor to allegedly pry loose secrets from the Navy with age-old temptations: sex and money.” (Washington Post) For the past four years, Navy officials strongly suspected they were being ripped off by a major defense contractor that resupplied ships and submarines […]

Industrial Espionage Threats to Companies Originate from Within

Take-away quote: “There is only one serious way to defend yourself against espionage activity: Awareness, awareness, awareness.”–Michel Juneau-Katsuya This is why DICE presentations are so important to your company or organization. I provide to your employees Awareness, Awareness, Awareness. Contact me – – – – – – (ThomasNet) The former president of a transportation company in […]

Former Lilly employees accused of selling secrets to Chinese company

TheIndyChannel Indianapolis – Two former Eli Lilly and Company employees are accused of stealing millions of dollars’ worth of secret research data about key drugs and funneling the information to a Chinese company. Federal prosecutors say Guoqing Cao and Shuyu Li were senior researchers at Lilly who also had ties to a major Chinese drug […]

Discovery of Russian spy in Canadian navy set off sabotage fears

(Toronto Star) The discovery of a Russian spy in the ranks of Canada’s military sparked a cyber search to discover whether he had sabotaged government computers with a virus, the Star has learned. And in the wake of the serious spy incident that cost Canada credibility with its allies, top officers concluded the Defence Department’s security […]

Trial begins in Norfolk for ex-sailor accused of spying for Russians

  (Virginia-Pilot) The trial of a former sailor charged with trying last year to give “top secret” information to Russian agents began today in U.S. District Court. Defense attorneys for Robert P. Hoffman II asked the court for a postponement, noting the publication this month in The Virginian-Pilot of a 12-part series about the John Walker […]