S. Korean Company Indicted for Stealing DuPont’s Trade Secrets

Look at the methodology: Targeted current DuPont employees Targeted former DuPont employees; hired them as consultants Former DuPont employees were asked to get information from current DuPont employees Hotel room meetings, including one to tell DuPont employee how to steal info without leaving evidence   Top Executives at Kolon Industries Indicted for Stealing DuPont’s Kevlar […]

Employee of Defense Contractor Convicted of Exporting Sensitive Military Technology to China

FBI, 26 September 2012 Former Employee of New Jersey Defense Contractor Convicted of Exporting Sensitive Military Technology to China; Stole Trade Secrets from Morris County Company NEWARK—A federal jury today convicted a former employee of a New Jersey-based defense contractor of exporting sensitive U.S. military technology to the People’s Republic of China (PRC), stealing trade […]

Insider Threat: Chicago engineer arrested for stealing trade secrets

Former CME Group Software Engineer Pleads Guilty to Stealing Globex Computer Trade Secrets While Planning to Improve Electronic Trading in China (FBI, 19 Sept 12) CHICAGO—A former senior software engineer for Chicago-based CME Group Inc. pleaded guilty today to theft of trade secrets for stealing computer source code and other proprietary information while at the […]

Case Closure: Insider Threat Hanjuan Jin Gets 4 Years in Prison

Finally a closure to the Hanjuan Jin espionage case, an Insider Threat who worked at Motorola. I love this quote by the judge during sentencing: “It is a technical world that we live in, and the most important thing this country can do is protect its trade secrets.” Motorola trade secrets thief gets 4-year term […]

Guard at US Consulate in China admits effort to sell classified info and access

INSIDER THREAT: An American selling America out for $3 million: Bryan Underwood 32 years old (born 1980) Former US Marine Civilian security guard at the US consulate in Guangzhou, China Held Top Secret security clearance Lost $170,000 in the stock market Tried to volunteer to China’s intelligence service to be a spy for money “His greed […]

US citizen charged in jihadist plot “wanted to go after the Army people”

BAD DICE: Another person born in a foreign country who took an oath to become a US citizen is now charged with wanting to attack his fellow Americans in the Tampa, FL area. His first choice was Army bases, but found them too secure, so he decided to go after softer targets. It is clear he was […]

Insider Threat: Senior Scientist in Utah Charged With Industrial Espionage

A senior scientist at drug company Frontier Scientific Inc. in Utah — 42 year old Prabhu Mohapatra — was charged for emailing company trade secrets to his brother-in-law in India, who co-founded a new competitor company called Medchemblox. JDLR Alert: A co-worker saw him create Microsoft Word documents of a chemical formula, which was intellectual property […]

Domestic Terrorism Threat: New York Al-Qaeda Sympathizer Wanted to Attack US Military Personnel in US

Jose Pimentel: 27 years old born in the Dominican Republic came to the US when he was eight years old spent 19 years living in America converted to Islam and changed his name to Muhammed Yusef unemployed, divorced and living in New York City spent most of his time on the internet on radical extremist Islamic […]

US Army soldier charged with attempted espionage

BAD DICE: A 22-year-old US Army military policeman, Specialist William Colton Millay, has been formally charged with attempted espionage. According to Reuters, Millay “knowingly making false statements to Army Counterintelligence officials regarding the full scope of his attempts to contact foreign governments and the nature of information he disclosed. He is also accused of soliciting […]

Trusted insider charged with corporate espionage

An local ABC TV news station in Chicago is reporting on a recent case of 2009 Cornell University graduate Yihao Ben Pu, a 24-year-old man holding both a US and Chinese passport who “was once a trusted technology employee at Citadel Investments, once of the world’s largest hedge fund managers. Pu is charged with attempting to […]

BAD DICE: American arrested for planning to blow up the Pentagon

A 26-year-old American, born in the United States, living in big house in an upscale suburb of Boston with his parents (an engineer and healthworker), was a star soccer player in high school and graduated at the top of his class, received a scholarship to Boston’s Northeastern University and graduated from there in 2008 with a degree in physics, and […]

BAD DICE: Jonathan Pollard – a spy for Australia?

It’s time to start calling them like we see them: Good Dice and Bad Dice. The first Bad Dice has to be Jonathan Pollard. It’s been revealed that when Pollard first starting spying, he provided classified information to — AUSTRALIA! But they turned him down so he tried another country, Israel, to see if he […]