INSIDER THREAT: University Researcher Charged with Economic Espionage for China

It never ends. Each time you read one of these cases, they all end up having one country in common: China. Medical College of Wisconsin researcher charged with economic espionage; Feds allege anti-cancer compound was stolen for China (Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel) A researcher at the Medical College of Wisconsin has been charged with stealing a […]

L-3 employee gets 5+ years for exporting military secrets to China

5-plus years for Illinois man in military secrets case (AP) A federal judge on Monday sentenced a former employee of a New Jersey-based defense contractor to more than five years in prison for taking U.S. military technology trade secrets to his native China, ignoring the man’s contentions that it was an error in judgment and […]

Insider Threat: Thieves obtained detailed security plans to get inside

Here’s an interesting story about security and the insider threat: Hollywood-style caper in $80M theft obtained security plans to get inside  (New Jersey Star-Ledger) According to the article, thieves were successful in breaking in to a number of high-risk warehouses all over the country because they knew exactly where the security vulnerabilities were and how […]

REPORT: The Risk of Insider Fraud

The Ponemon Institute has issued its second The Risk of Insider Fraud report. Based on the average, it is likely that your organization will experience fraud 55 times this year. From the Introduction: The Risk of Insider Fraud: Second Annual Study reveals that the insider threat has become more of a challenge for IT professionals. […]

Theft is still the biggest problem for US companies in China

From The Economist: “If the technology matters, then don’t bring it to China as it will get stolen.” ON JANUARY 5th, in a night raid, a gang of criminals broke into a factory near Shanghai owned by Mercury Cable, an American manufacturer of high-voltage equipment. The thieves took not only raw materials but machinery from […]

How Do You Spot The Thief Inside Your Company?

Insider fraud costs $3,500,000,000,000 (t-r-i-l-l-i-o-n) and your company is a target. Some facts from this recommended article for security officers: Businesses, on a global basis, experience losses of about 5% each year from schemes executed by and with employees. The median loss was about $400,000, and in one-fifth of businesses that were surveyed in the ACFE […]

Former Navy Sailor Charged in Virginia with Attempted Espionage (Updated)

Robert Patrtick Hoffman, II 39 years old, born 1973 US Citizen, born in Buffalo, NY US Navy, 1991-2011 Petty Officer First Class, E6 Cryptologic Technician Held TS/SCI clearance with access to SAPs Resident of Virginia Beach, VA Attempted to spy for Russia, revealing to them methods to track US submarines Caught in an FBI sting operation […]

Insider Threat: GM Engineer Convicted of Stealing $40M Trade Secrets for China

US Citizens Shanshan Du (Engineer with General Motors) and Yu Qin. I guess they didn’t become Americans because they were motivated by the ideals of freedom and liberty of America’s Founding Fathers. Double the insider threat. Two Convicted in Conspiracy to Steal GM Trade Secrets (FBI/Detroit) –A former General Motors engineer and her husband were convicted […]

Ex-Navy Translator Charged under Espionage Act

Ex-Wisconsin man charged in espionage case (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel) A former Arab linquist for the military has been charged under the Espionage Act with allegedly copying classified documents and shipping them back to the United States, including to Stanford University, which maintains a collection in his name. A Navy commander said the security breach by James […]

US jihadist happy to hear American soldiers being killed

Insider Threat: 27-year-old US citizen born in Massachusetts turns to the ‘religion of peace’ — Man Sentenced in Boston for Plotting Attack on Pentagon and U.S. Capitol and Attempting to Provide Detonation Devices to Terrorists (FBI) Rezwan Ferdaus was sentenced today for plotting an attack on American soil and attempting to provide detonation devices to […]