DICE Radio 29 June

—————— Additional Information National Classification Management Society – the Society of Industrial Security Professionals —————– United Technologies sent military copter tech to China (Reuters) United Technologies Corp on Thursday admitted selling China software that helped Beijing develop its first modern military attack helicopter, one of hundreds of export control violations over nearly two decades. At a […]

Open DICE Briefings

There are two upcoming open DICE briefings that you can attend, one in Ohio and the other in Florida. Here are the details: Thursday, 23 August 2012 NCMS Wright Flyer Chapter ATIC Facility Dayton, Ohio Registration is required and the event is open to U.S. citizens only. If attendee is cleared they will need to submit […]

Foreign spying against U.S. companies on the rise, FBI says

Take-away quote: “What we’re seeing is that foreign nations and their intelligence services are understanding more than ever before that it’s cheaper to steal our technology than to use their budget resources in this time of economic crisis to develop it themselves.”—Frank Figliuzzi, chief of FBI’s counterintelligence division Foreign spying against U.S. companies on the rise, […]

United Technologies acknowledges coverup of sale of military software to China

Outrageous! United Technologies acknowledges coverup of sale of military software to China (Washington Post) United Technologies, a major defense contractor, and two of its subsidiaries on Thursday acknowledged covering up the illicit sale of sensitive military software to China — technology that the country later used to develop its first attack helicopter. Federal prosecutors announced […]

Cyber Threats Facilitate Ability to Commit Economic Espionage

New GAO testimony entitled, “Cyber Threats Facilitate Ability to Commit Economic Espionage.” Executive Summary: The nation faces an evolving array of cyber-based threats arising from a variety of sources. These sources include criminal groups, hackers, terrorists, organization insiders, and foreign nations engaged in crime, political activism, or espionage and information warfare. These threat sources vary […]

Economic Espionage: A Foreign Intelligence Threat to American Jobs and Homeland Security

Congress held a hearing today about the threat from economic espionage. The FBI said economic espionage losses to the American economy total more than $13 billion—in this fiscal year. “Our economy is a matter of national security,” said FBI Assistant Director/CI Division Frank Figliuzzi. Committee on Homeland Security “Foreign economic and industrial espionage against the […]

DIA Video About Jonathan Pollard Case

This 14 minute video “Jonathan Pollard: A Portrayal” produced by DIA’s Threat Countermeasures Branch. A US intelligence analyst, Jonathan Pollard was sentenced to life in prison in 1987 after he was caught selling large amounts of highly classified documents to Israel. The video encourages American government employees to overcome inhibitions and proactively report suspicious activities. Actors portray “Susan” […]

DICE Radio 20 June

——————————————– Additional Information DICEMAN FOR PRESIDENT 2012 page “Our founding fathers put their lives on the line for independence. The time has come today for us to do the same.”–Ray Semko ——————— Ban All Super-Sized Government Regulations . . . . Massachusetts mayor proposes sugary drinks limit (Reuters) The mayor of Cambridge, Massachusetts, has asked […]

National Debt

According to the US Treasury Department, the current outstanding public debt owed by the United States is now at: $15,776,139,241,010.39 Broken down: 15 trillion 776 billion 139 million 241 thousand 10 dollars and 39 cents. Click here for an outstanding visualization of what this looks like. That’s why I’m running for President — this out of […]

DICE Radio 7 June

—————– Additional Information: When Ray Semko recently went to a US defense company to give a D*I*C*E briefing and saw a sign saying “No Lenovo computers allowed in this building,” he knew he was going to like this company! State Department Yields on PC’s From China (New York Times, 2006) . . . . .Lenovo […]