Trusted insider charged with corporate espionage

An local ABC TV news station in Chicago is reporting on a recent case of 2009 Cornell University graduate Yihao Ben Pu, a 24-year-old man holding both a US and Chinese passport who “was once a trusted technology employee at Citadel Investments, once of the world’s largest hedge fund managers. Pu is charged with attempting to steal Citadel’s secret alpha codes by bypassing the company’s intricate security protocols, then transferring files to external devices. He was arrested after an associate of his told the company and federal agents some of the evidence had been dumped into a sanitary canal. Divers discovered computer equipment in the water that contained Citadel’s alphas.”


Pu Federal Complaint (PDF)

Citadel vs. Yihao Ben Pu (PDF)

Corporate espionage case example of growing issue [WLS-TV, 3 November 2011]
24-year-old Ivy League grad charged with stealing trade secrets  [WLS-TV, 14 October 2011]

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