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Are you ready to have an energetic and experienced professional speaker wake up your audience at your organization, company, conference, meeting, convention, unit or group to the reality of security threats against them, their jobs, their family and their country? Are you ready to join the thousands who’ve been “DICE’d?”

D*I*C*E Man Ray Semko is your man and the ‘infotainment’ delivery of his powerful message will be remembered long after the security awareness briefing is over.


SANS has come out with their 2017 Security Awareness Report helping security officers on how to improve their security awareness program.

One of their main findings is a lack in communication skills among security officers. This includes the ability to effectively communicate to and engage employees with the security awareness message, as well as the ability to effectively communicate to and demonstrate the value of security and security awareness to leadership.

Here’s an easy way to solve these challenges:

Schedule regular, on-going DICE Security Awareness Briefings for your organization. Ongoing because one-time cannot change the culture and employee behavior overnight.

Let me communicate on your behalf the importance of security. I have nearly 30 years of experience doing so and you know how I can really shake-up and wake-up an audience.

Use me as your secret weapon!

“We recently had Ray Semko come to Ft Monmouth to give his DICE briefing and it was a huge success. Well worth the money. Ray presented seven briefings in a four day period and each one was not only captivating and motivational but extremely educational for our workforce. Approximately 2500 people attended the DICE presentations. The audiences included individuals from government and industry as well as security professional groups. I randomly surveyed numerous DICE briefing attendees and received excellent feedback from all. On a personal note, I have been a security professional with the government for 25+ years and have attended many DICE briefings over the years. I never tire of listening to and learning from Ray. He is an inspiration to my profession.”–Security Officer, USA CECOM, Ft Monmouth, NJ

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