Feedback about Ray Semko and his D*I*C*E Security Awareness Presentations

What people say about Ray:


“Can’t get much more bang for the buck than bringing Ray Semko, The DICE Man in for some training- it truly pays dividends.” — Scott

“Ray I attended one of your presentations in 1999 when I worked for the Navy in Orlando. A day does not pass that I do not think about your presentation and it is all too accurate given the present situation for our country. Your warnings about China, Russia and terrorism are chillingly accurate. I only wish it were not so. God Speed and keep up your all too important work!” — Larry

“Really enjoyed the brief–not just entertaining, but educational. Enjoyed hearing about the stories no one hears about.If nothing else, you reinvigorated me as well as how important our work is, even though it seems mundane at times. And since you spoke to a Navy guy, I want to say in Navy Terminology: Bravo Zulu; job well done.” —Steve

“I fully endorse Ray’s philosophy, and I attest to the effectiveness of his speeches. I’ll never forget how motivated I was after the conclusion of a conference in Chantilly, VA.  Thanks to Ray’s wisdom and instruction, I successfully thwarted an adversary’s attempt to gain an advantage while at Dulles Int’l Airport after that conference, and I continue to remain vigilant to this day. The Dice Man delivers.” — Bradford Wible, Sr. Advisor, Facilities Security at Dell

“Nobody delivers security awareness training with the same impact as Ray! He combines “been there, done that” credentials that command respect, with a one of a kind delivery that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats! If you want your people to really appreciate the importance of your security program, you need the DICEMAN!” –- Rick Golbitz, ISP®, Vice President of Security at Comcast

“I have seen Ray Semko LIVE, twice. NOBODY sleeps through his seminars. He can and will wake up your audience and keep them riveted during the entire presentation. He is spectacular.”–-Dale Abrams, FSO, CTS

“Ray Semko is the most compelling, informative, challenging, supportive and entertaining Security Awareness Professional that I met in 47 years of military and industry Security Leadership. Ray takes no prisoners, makes no excuses, has no pity and is always dead on target with the latest information available from all sources across the country. His presentation style is uncommon to say the least and over the top to the point that attendees share the information he’s presented with their peers and leaders. From my perspective, there has never been a more dedicated “teller of tales”, on target and actionable in industry or government. Don’t miss an opportunity to gain insight from the best in the business…Mr. Ray Semko!” —William D. Tate, Retired from Defense Industry

“We were very fortunate to host Ray Semko at SMC’s Cyber Day yesterday (April 2017). The D*I*C*E* man continues to bring security education with an enthusiasm level that is completely off the charts.” — Scott Niebuhr, C|CISO, CISSP, PMP, Security Strategist, Chief Information Security Officer, The Aerospace Corporation

“Love to watch your presentations. You are an inspiration to Security. Thanks.” — Ricky Velez, Lockheed Martin Security Emergency Services, 2017 IMPACT conference attendee

“I think this is the 3rd time I have had the privilege of sitting through Ray’s presentation. He blows it out of the water every time. I use that term as the son of a submariner and member of the JCS. Ray is truly admired by those who have had the pleasure. I could of listened for 3 and half hours. Many thanks.” — Michael C., Avenge, Inc.

“I have experienced many of Ray’s briefings over the years and they are always daunting and inspirational. Thank you for your service Ray!!” — Chris M., Facility Security Officer

“Ray, I just sent your information to Colonel I know. Told him of the impact you’ve had on the 193d and he was very interested. God Bless and thank you for what you do.” — Cris D.

“I went through your CI course at DOE many years ago and it ranks among the best short schools I’ve been to. Rolled up a couple squirrely Iraqis in Baghdad with what I learned. Keep up the fire!” — Randy

“Your DICE briefing is awesome, you did one for the 66th MI Co at Ft.Carson Colorado, back in 2001. It was the most awakening briefings I remember from my years in the Army. Thanks!” — Mike M.

“Ray, I must say it was my pleasure to listen to your briefing at the Security event on May 11th at South FL University. You are truly a GREAT American and I wish we would have had more time for you to cover all your slides. I look forward to hopefully attending another one of your briefings in the future.” — Michael K., Facility Security Officer

“I STILL remember your visit to my command back in the turn of the millienia…I think I was the one that organized it (I was the Navy OPSEC course guy at the time). Anyhow, I came across your site recently and thought I say hello and thank you for leaving a life-long impression on me. You are truly one of the best speakers of I have witnessed…and I’ve seen a lot.” — Rich B., NAWC-TSD

“Enjoyed your brief at Ft. Bragg yesterday. Thanks for invigorating the force!” —Aaron G., Ft. Bragg

“I just wanted to Thank you for your briefing on our campus yesterday. I’ve seen you once before at the NCMS national seminar in Florida. As usual I was very motivated and loved your briefing.” — Tami H., Raytheon

“I heard Ray for the first time last year at the NCMS conference in Chicago. I call him the “Hell Fire & Brimstone Security Guy.” It was great to hear him as an FSO, but I really think our cleared employees need to have the same opportunity. He is a wonderful speaker.” —Kathy H., FLIR

“Mr. Semko has visited Honeywell, Kansas City Plant, on many occasions and has never disappointed his audience. I am personally extremely excited about hearing Ray and getting fired up and motivated to continue to support our mission.” —Jeanette N., Honeywell Federal Manufacturing & Technologies, Kansas City Plant

“It’s about time someone speaks the truth, and does not sugar coat it! We have become the scared society that is afraid to speak the truth out loud. It was exciting and informative. I am very excited to have him come to my home office to brief my employees.”–Katie S., Tyco Integrated Security

“On 9/10/2014 I attended a NCMS Seminar that included a D.I.C.E. Briefing by Mr. Ray Semko. I had remembered him from a previous NCMS Seminar years pass but had forgotten how dynamic his briefings were. Mr. Semko is a voice of a true American – the type of person whose heart pumps faster and his eyes mist when the National Anthem is sung at any event. These are not politically correct briefings, no BS, just plain talk – if you love the truth then I encourage you to attend a D.I.C.E Briefing.” — Janet G., Akima, LLC

“Great as always!! You know you’ve done something when you can get the audience to clap during your presentation and you’re the only presenter who gets a standing “O” at the end. You are an “in your face” kind of presenter but sometimes the truth hurts and the only thing that really does matter is the truth, no matter how much it hurts. Keep up the good work. God bless you for what you do. I have your DICE Principles stuck to the side of my computer monitor.” — David A., B&W, NOG-L at Impact 2014 conference

“Your presentations were top notch and both captivating and interesting. You are the best public speaker I’ve ever encountered – quite inspiring and motivating too!”– NCMS 2014 attendee

“It is always a pleasure to watch your briefings! You do a great job and I always try to be as passionate when I brief my personnel. Thanks for all you do!” — Tracy D., TASC, IMPACT 2014 conference

“I’ve been spending my days listening to your radio show which is great and I hope you continue to make it. I appreciate your enthusiasm, passion and direct approach. I look forward to hearing the DICE briefing next week at the conference. Thanks again for all your contributions to our nation and to this industry.” —Jose H., Industrial Security Officer

“Fantastic briefing at FAFB this morning. Thank you!”–Darla K., FAFB

“Appreciate as always hearing you on DICE Radio and I consider it an honor to see a live presentation. Motivation and knowing that there is someone else who cares that I strive to do my best at keeping the US safe is important and leads to resolve within me. Wearing several “hats” within any one company leads to something suffering and it is where I can relax just a bit and take what you are offering to my employees and share the news of security and the importance of always doing the right thing. Thanks again and please continue to be that voice of humor, education and most importantly motivation.” — Alan P., Navistar Defense

“This is without a doubt the best briefing I have ever attended. Very dynamic and informative as well as entertaining. A DICE Security Awareness presentation should be a must for all government agencies.”– John E., MDA 

“Ray is the very best. No one, no other briefing comes close.”- Phil Shiver 

“It was another excellent presentation by the DICE Man. He always manages to keep it interesting, entertaining, and educational.” — ENSCO attendee

“You are the most honest and sincere, energetic speaker I have ever come across in my career, whether HR or Security! You truly are the best!” — Corporate Vice President-HR/Security, SimVentions Inc

“Ray’s DICE briefing was the most memorable I’ve attended. I highly recommend anyone having ANYTHING to do with a security function, whether it’s OPSEC, COMSEC, SOMPUSEC, INFOSEC, etc. (just about everyone in any government position) to attend.” — PF Moran, US Air Force

“My wife and I were present during your Anadarko presentation. We talked about you and our government for 9 hours traveling home–Thank You.” — ANADARKO Offshore attendeee

“Thank you for traveling to Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma to address the Security professionals at the 2014 OSU Annual Security Conference ISAC/NCMS dual meetings. I appreciate your dedication to share the truth, and help educate those that have ears to hear.” — David P., L-3

“OPSEC Guru: Ray Semko” — U.S. Army

“You made such an impact on my security program and the other’s in that room that day – we all had a better programs as a result. You brought a whole new meaning to care and oversight (Character-Responsibility-OATH). I carried this wisdom into my federal contractor days and it did the trick, there too many awards as well. Keep up the most needed education and wisdom needed today.” — US Air Force Security Manager, retired

“Epic Fail:… . . . These people need a talk from @raysemko:” — @joshuadkennedy

“I was completely enthralled the first time I saw Ray give his incredibly motivational and inspirational briefing. Honestly, anything less than his full 2-hour briefing is a disservice to the attendees at one of Ray’s briefings.” — CSC Facility Security Officer

“@raysemko presentations educate and inspire. Truth!” — Rhodes Davis, NCMS Conference attendee

“Can’t wait for each of your broadcasts. You bring me up to date and remind me who and what I am working for.” — DICE Radio listener from the Naval Surface Warfare Center

“As a Foreign Service retiree, I had viewed all of your presentations that were available to me when I was on duty. My staff members watched the presentations, too. I’ve been retired for nearly 3 years, but I still sometimes hear from my former FSN staff members saying, “This just doesn’t look right to me. What do you think?” You made a lasting impression. It’s great to find that you have an DICE radio program! WONDERFUL!…I am encouraging people to listen to you. You, Sir, are doing remarkable work.” — Dennis B.

“He really made me think about the fact that I am a target even without having a clearance.” — ENSCO attendee

“I enjoyed both your briefing and radio presentation. It is heartening to know that there are still people that are willing to do something meaningful for the country.” — Ron Payne, American Legion, Peoria, IL

“This was the BEST course I took all year. I could have listened to this guy talk all day long and NEVER get bored.” — Raytheon employee

“The information was vital and the speaker was so far the best speaker I have heard here at Raytheon for ANY meeting or training.” — Raytheon employee

“Ray is one of the finest people you would ever want to meet. His love for America is truly evident in the way he approaches his presentations: with passion, commitment and an intense loyalty to what our founding fathers gave us…our freedom. But his personal conviction is surpassed only by his desire to tell the truth about the state of our Union and the threats, both foreign and domestic, and how they are placing our country and citizens in harms way.
His knowledge comes from his time as a Special Agent engaged in CI and his careful research into CI and espionage to ensure his presentations accurately portray how our technology and secrets are in peril. He is also a great entertainer. He keeps us on the ends of our chairs as he weaves a story of espionage and deception that is taking place right now in our industrial security community.
More importantly he challenges each attendee to take his message back to their facilities and get their employees engaged and enthused about keeping America and our soldiers, sailors, airmen out of harms way. The way he presents his threat information is a “one of a kind” class act and I can say that anyone who attends his briefings will leave energized and ready to get back into the fight to keep our country safe.” —Defense Contractor at NCMS 2013 Conference

“Thanks for bringing Ray back, he always makes it interesting and definitely thought provoking!” —ENSCO attendee

“As usual very compelling and a very thorough tasting of what to dig out of simple articles, books, and reports. Greatly aides in cutting through the bull and finding the important issues providing thought towards protecting classified as well as proprietary information. Helps me formulate my attack vector when it comes to employee education. I would also like to add DICE Radio is seemingly very timely as just when I lose some of my motivation towards doing my job along comes Ray to shake me back awake. Each time he reminds me that I am not alone in this fight.” —Navistar Defense attendee at NCMS 2013 Conference

“I was blown out of the water with Ray Semko presentations. I made sure I attended all three presentations. What a dynamic speaker. It send chills down one’s back to realize what is really happening in the United States security after you listen to Ray.” —L-3 Communications Unmanned Systems attendee at NCMS 2013 Conference

“Perfect briefing at the perfect time. 300 plus new members in attendance and all their jaws were dropped and the beauty was that all were inspired as well as better educated. This years additional time given to Ray at break-out sessions were an extreme benefit. Thank You Ray and NCMS for the value they added to a successful year. Additionally please consider signing up for D*I*C*E radio alerts and listen to them as they are offered. I found getting management to listen as an effective way to support my companies awareness and value of security. I also require my physical security officers to listen to each broadcast to broaden their awareness and skills. Very favorable reactions from all.” — Defense Contractor at NCMS 2013 Conference

“I attended all three presentations at NCMS and found each one to be very informative. Dots were connected that I has not thought of before. It was helpful to begin to adjust my perspective about Security matters.” —DRS-SSI attendee at NCMS 2013 Conference

“I have been to only two of your briefings but absolutely Loved your presentation! I have such a respect for you and what you stand for!” — L3 attendee

“Absolutely loved the briefings and the presentation. I thought the material was current, relative, informative and very educational. Thank you so much for all you do to strengthen our Security Awareness program in America.”–Raytheon SI Government Solutions attendee

“Thank you for serving this country, for the tireless energy you dedicate to teach, educate and bring knowledge to make people aware of the values of security, integrity, principles, truth and honesty for the protection of this country, our industry, knowledge base, and loved ones; to operate our lives with honor, dignity and vigilance to make each one aware of those we have but take for granted. In my younger days I was not afforded to serve in the military; so to this day for over 30+ years now I do in a way as an engineer to defend and protect, hoping that in some small way contribute to the safety and prosperity of our country, our families and friends, loved ones of others, and the men and women who serve with the equipment we provide. Continue your tireless training, share of experiences as lessons learned to inspire and I hope there will be other Ray Semko’s to follow your foot steps.”–Cobham Defense Electronics attendee

“I’ve attended a live presentation by Mr. Semko several years ago and found the experience unequaled.  I believe an event by the DICEMAN would have incredible return on investment.”–US Navy attendee

“THANK YOU for everything you are doing for this Country!!!! WOW – you were absolutely captivating at our security briefing held recently at our Lowell Massachusetts facility. We are truly blessed to have someone like yourself doing what you do. Your passion and serious, realistic commitment to all that is needed resonates so deeply with me. So thrilled to have taken your presentation in! I’ve signed up on your mailing list and have told so many folks about you – just truly incredible! I could have listened to ALL your stories.”–Cobham Defense Electronics attendee

“Mr. Semko is a dynamic and motivating speaker who adds energy, knowledge and emotion to his presentation. His experience and attention to detail is unquestionable. All that and funny to. Most importantly the message is received and understood. The educational benefits toward the employee’s and their understanding of the message is irreplaceable. Thank you Mr. Semko for everything you have done for this country and our company.”–Dewberry Consultants attendee

“The absolute best speaker ever….Energetic, Funny, Emotional, Funny, Inspirational, Funny, Serious, Funny, Knowledgeable, Funny, and Memorable. It’s like being at a comedy club about serious issues. No one will fall asleep at any of his seminars and people follow him around the room. It truly is amazing. So glad to be able to attend seminars that have him as a presenter.” — Tina Medina-Creel

“First, I what to thank you again for your service to The USA. Thank You. I just attended your seminar at ITW Covid. I wanted to let you know how important it is for me and some of my co-workers that America is safe. I left your event with a better understanding of what needs to be done and how important it is that more people realize what is happening to our country. I just contacted my congressman about you and the messege you are trying to send. Thank you again.”–ITW Covid attendee

“I just wanted to applaud the D*I*C*E Man on one of the greatest briefings I have ever heard. This nation would do well to listen to this briefing. Not just those in the Security field, but every man, woman, and child who comprehend our language. I truly will take “almost” every word he spoke to heart and have no doubt that while many briefings will fade from my mind, this one will thankfully stay with me forever. Again, thank you for a great briefing, for your service, and for impacting America as you have.” — L-3 Communications attendee at the 14 June 2012 DICE briefing at the NCMS Conference

“I was at your DICE brief and thought it was the best brief I have gotten since I have been in the Marine Corps.” — US Marine, 5 June 2012

“Just saw your brief today at Marine Corps Base Kaneohe Bay. I’m a current Security Management major finishing up my Bachelors Degree and thought this was one of the best briefings I’ve sat in on. Thanks!” — USMC attendee, 1 June 2012

“I love the DICE Radio segments on the website.  His real world and honest dialogue keeps me on track and motivated to continue the fight.” — Program Manager at the Defense Contract Management Agency

“I’ve been fortunate to have participated in several Diceman “live” presentations. May I compliment you on yet another job well done. Today was the first “annual briefing” my young associate has listened to. He commented after that this was much more lively than he had anticipated. Your presentation spurred several questions and it enabled me to have a lengthy lunch discussion with a yet uncleared young man whom is deciding his path. I appreciate the impact you made today and I believe it has helped him towards his future community. — Prinicpal Information Systems Security Engineer, Fat Mongoose Technologies, Inc., 8 May 2012

“You held my attention like a magnet and I wouldn’t have missed it for any reason.”–Security Manager from Ft. Monmouth

“I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy Dice Radio and how important it is to hear someone else say the thoughts we all have but don’t say! I forward Dice Radio to all of my friends and encourage everyone I know to sign up with your site. You keep us in the know and that is good for all Americans not just Security Professionals. Thanks for all of your hard work and your continued efforts to educate Americans who seem more content to sit in the dark!” — Listener at Institute for Defense Analyses

“Just wanted to say thanks for your DICE radio broadcast – I saw you several years ago – I wish I could attend a DICE briefing every week. Thank you for fighting for our country.” — DICE Radio Listener

“I attended the recent DICE Brief at Charleston AFB, SC and just wanted to applaud you for the timeless message you so energetically and intelligently communicated to us and obviously to audiences across the nation – I admire both your courage and passion – no doubt there are many skeptics among us these days who seem to no longer seriously care about US sovereignty and protecting our security interests going forward vice being politically correct.” — US Air Force attendee, 12 April 2012

“I was at a briefing you gave today and it was great. I had only seen videos before and live is much better than Memorex. I would love for my wife and kids to see one of your briefings. Keep on educating those who have the access to do us harm even if it is unintentional.” — 7 March 2012

“I just watched your video as part of annual mandatory training. I could have turned it off and still got credit – but I watched the entire presentation. At first I thought – another grandiose “there I was” kind of guy. I’m a retired MI officer. But I listened to your message and I was very impressed. I am now recommending you to my colleagues and my husband, also a retired MI LTC and current MI officer instructor. Your message was passionate, on-target and relevant. My best wishes to you and your family and thank you.” —  LTC, US Army, retired,  U.S. Army Contracting Command, Fort Huachuca, 10 Feb 2012

“I truly appreciate your briefing that I was privy to attend this week at JB CHS. I have definitely gained a new found respect for OPSEC and will do my best to enforce this and attempt to open the eyes of those who did not attend your PRICELESS briefing. Thank you for what you do, and for what you have done.”— US Air Force attendee

“Although I was not at your briefing that took place at Aberdeen Proving Ground, I was required to watch the video.  To be quite honest with you, immediately after clicking ‘play’ on the video I threw in headphones and minimized the window and went about my work.  However, working while listening (‘hearing’ would be better suited in this context) to your briefing did not last long.  After about a half hour of your occasional yelling and screaming, I decided to open up the window to see what the raucous was about.  It didn’t take long for me to become engulfed in the material so I started the briefing over, putting all of my work to the side and closing all other applications on my computer.  Needless to say, this was the easiest to listen to, as well as the most enlightening briefing I have ever attended/watched. Since the briefing, I have read about nearly all the individuals, crimes, articles, and reports that you referenced and I have found that I have a very strong interest in all of this.  Not only do I intend to be more cautious of my surroundings at all times, but I plan to truly study and make it a point to notice something that ‘just doesn’t look right’ from now on to protect myself, those close to me, and the great nation that I live in and represent. Keep up everything that you are doing.  You are setting a great example that even though a federal civilian may be retired, their duty of protecting and serving their nation will never end. I look forward to future briefings about ANYTHING that you will be conducting” — Contract Specialist, U.S. Army Contracting Command, Tobyhanna Army Depot, 31 Jan 2012

“We need to keep this country FREE and you are the man to do it by your briefings. Everyone else’s briefings are boring, but you hold people’s attentions and tell us like it is! THANK YOU AGAIN for your dedication to the freedom of this country!” — Wright Patterson AFB attendee, 2011

“Thank you for the best security briefing I have ever had in my life yesterday!” — John Gilmore, 26 Oct 2011, Director, Health Care Division at ASG

“Ray Semko’s keynote was powerful stuff.” –Ted Wallerstedt, Secure360 conference, 2011

“Ray was amazing. His D.I.C.E. briefings are designed to look at current global events that impact our nation’s security, and serve as a realistic wake-up call. If you love our country, I encourage you to keep an eye out for an opportunity to hear him speak at a conference near you.”–Kat Valentine, 2011 InfraGard Midwest SuperConference

“I have served in the US Army, US Marine Corps, and served five years as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff and have been working for more than forty years. I have attended more conferences and seminars than I care to remember but I think DICE Man is the most inspiring and motivating seminar that I have ever had the honor of attending. If there were more people like DICE Man in the US we would not be in the mess we are now, if he were really running for President he would get my vote.” —US Helicopter/Bell Aerospace attendee

“You are the best motivator I have seen in my 30 plus years of Government time. You pick people up and motivate them into doing the best that they can do. I would drive 200 miles to listen to you speak.”–Tybrin Corp. attendee

“Ray’s brief was like nothing I had ever experienced. He is passionate about his country and what he does. He delivers his message in a way that bores itself into you so you simply will not or cannot forget his message–that there are bad people who want to hurt us and will resort to any means possible to accomplish their goal.”–Chief of Training and Readiness for US Army Special Operations Command

“We recently had Ray Semko come to Ft Monmouth to give his DICE briefing and it was a huge success. Well worth the money. Ray presented seven briefings in a four day period and each one was not only captivating and motivational but extremely educational for our workforce. Approximately 2500 people attended the DICE presentations. The audiences included individuals from government and industry as well as security professional groups. I randomly surveyed numerous DICE briefing attendees and received excellent feedback from all. On a personal note, I have been a security professional with the government for 25+ years and have attended many DICE briefings over the years. I never tire of listening to and learning from Ray. He is an inspiration to my profession.”–Security Office, USA CECOM, Ft Monmouth, NJ

“I attended your OPSEC briefing and found it very informative and quite humorous. The next day I did in fact recall a great deal of information that you had brought to my awareness, or “awoken” in me. I must say that three days later, I am more observant and aware than I have ever been.”–US Navy attendee

“Ray is so motivational, inspiring and real. Beside wishing that everyone in my organization could be present for one of his briefings, I wish that every high schooler and every college age young adult could listen to one of his briefings. I cannot think of another briefing that so moves people as what the Dice Man does. I definitely look forward to being able to attend another one of his briefings. Thanks for all that you do Ray!” —IIF Data Solutions, Inc. attendee

“I have attended several DICE briefings and marvel at Ray’s ability to present the information as though it were brand new. Ray motivates, educates and causes one to think. He reminds us to become more mindful to the “business” at hand…security. After attending a briefing one wants to get up on a soap box and shout, WAKE UP PEOPLE, we can make a difference. And more importantly we MUST to protect the warfighters and our country.”–Northrop Grumman attendee

“Ray Semko’s Security Awareness briefing for the U.S. Army Records Management and Declassification Agency (RMDA) was immeasurabably outstanding. RMDA government and contractor personnel were enlightened on a myriad of security-awareness subjects and motivated to heightened responsibility and vigilance. Semko is a phenomenal promoter and presenter of national and personnel security. His sincerity and intensity for the vital need for America to be proactive in all aspects of security would be visible to a blind person. RMDA is extremely grateful for Semko’s excellent and commendable presentation and efforts.” —US Army RMDA

“Ray Semko’s presentation at the conference was outstanding. He not only brings home the message of how important Security Awareness is but he does in an original and entertaining way!”–The Boeing Company attendee

“Having Ray come and speak is sky rocketing my OPSEC programs awareness. I have already received many e-mail commending his performance. My workforce has been charged up after an outstanding performance. Thanks Ray I appreciated your passion.”–US Navy manager

“WOW! Ray Semko motivates, educates, captivates, and inspires. We get lost in the drudgery of everyday work, and Ray reminds of the big picture- this is a great country, worthy of fighting for. I can’t wait for next year!”–BSNC attendee

“Ray’s presentation was unique and inspiring. He has the ability to entertain while conveying a TON of information based on his years of experience. Definitely a no-holds-barred look at the state of the world today. This was not my first, and hopefully not my last “Diceman” presentation!!”–Northrop Grumman attendee

“The D*I*C*E Man is an effective, dynamic speaker! The amount of information that he provides in his presentation is phenomenal, and the manner in which he presents it, makes it memorable. He is entertaining, which keeps an attendee awake, and so energetic that it rubs off. I enjoyed the presentation immensely! Thank you, Ray!!”–GOVSEC 2008 attendee from US Department of Justice

“I’ve seen years of “DICE” and every briefing gets better and better. Every year he has more to offer. Every time I hear the message(s), I’m that much more motivated to work harder, smarter, for you, your children, and our enlisted men and women. Ray Semko is, and will always be, a major partner in my Industrial Security Program.”–BBN Technologies attendee

“Ray Semko is a person who has dedicated his life to serving our country and that is reflected in his briefings. His hard-hitting briefings are quite inspirational. He is obviously well read and informed and does an excellent job in motivating others. I have been attending his presentations for years and no one can say they do not grab and hold your attention. If only there were more like him.”–Parsons attendee

“Great briefing! Makes you laugh and at the same time drives home some very important information everyone should be aware of.”–ITT Corporation attendee

“Ray, as always, is an inspiration (I can only wish that I could present a briefing half as good as his). He’s always the highlight of the NCMS seminar, no matter how much time he’s given. I could (and have) listen to him for hours.”–Booz Allen Hamilton attendee

“I heard Ray’s presentation during the NCMS Seminar ’07 in Reno. This is the third NCMS Seminar I have been to and the second DICE man presentation I have heard. I think every man woman and child in this country above the age of 15 should here his presentation. It has a different delivery every time and rivets you to your seat. Sometimes the truth is hard to hear but it should be said and he does it with a passion of which is unparalleled. He is fantastic. Thank you for allowing me to hear him. I would like to attend just one where he is not pressed for time. He is such a huge source of information and knowledge.”–Mercer Engineering Research Center attendee

“Ray is really something special. He is so enthusiastic about what he is speaking about that you can’t help but be the same. Ray is the type of speaker if you had the ability to hear him speak you should NEVER miss the opportunity. He ended my seminar with a “BANG”!–Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne attendee

“It was the best presentation of the week. His style at relaying the information and getting you to really think about what is going on in the world and how it affects each and every one of us was outstanding.”–Chugach Management Services attendee

“I loved Ray’s briefing. It is energetic, refreshing, and TRUE! Every time I hear him, it re affirms the job that I do, he is an inspiration to Security.”–ATK Integrated Systems attendee

“It would not have been an NCMS conference without Ray. Besides the main briefing he gave, he was going one on one talking to people, answering questions and giving advice. He is a wealth of information that needs to be tapped! Without people like him we would still have our heads in a hole-like an ostrich!”–Northrop Grumman DMS Attendee

“I have heard Ray’s presentation several times and truthfully, each time it is different enough, it is worth hearing. again He keeps your attention because he is passionate about making everyone aware of what is going on in our country. We cannot sit back and take our freedom for granted! Thanks D*I*C*E Man!”–Armor Holdings attendee

“I’ve heard Ray Semko’s presentations before and I can never get enough of him. He has a new “nugget” every time he presents. Keep on rolling the “Dice”!”–CDI Marine Co. attendee

“Ray was great. I have attended his teachings before but still took away so much this time. He’s refreshing and honest about what he sees/knows. Ray’s teaching encourages me to confidently speak out about security and day to day risks.”–ACR attendee

“He should be giving D*I*C*E briefings to wake up most of our elected politicians.”–Science Applications International Corp. attendee

“The main reason I went to the IMPACT conference was to hear Ray again! He is energizing and inspiring. He makes you want to go back to your company and do more! Security NEEDS Ray!”– Progeny Systems Corporation attendee

“Ray Semko’s briefing was outstanding! He is not politically incorrect and he is not controversial all. He has clued us in on how we need to wake up and take care of America, our Warfighters and our children. I have never witnessed any of Ray’s presentations before, and I have to say that he definitely made an “IMPACT”. It was a pleasure meeting Ray at the NSI Impact 2007 Conference. God Bless!” –Avaya Inc. attendee

“Your entrance was amazing and your presentation even more so. This was my first time to see you in person and I truly enjoyed the whole package presentation. It was very motivating!” —AJC, LSI, Inc. attendee

“He was great, as usual!!! What more is there to say.” —Clark Construction attendee

“I have been to three DICE briefings over the years and believe it is the single most powerful tool to get peoples attention of the reality of our situation.”–US Army attendee

“I would like to say a huge thank you to Ray Semko for speaking at our annual security seminar, we have enjoyed his videos for years and seeing him in person was an honor. Mr. Semko is one the most motivational speakers I have ever witnessed, he is a true American.”–NCMS attendee

“You are a gifted speaker, able to easily and immediately grab and sustain your audience’s attention, and to raise consciousness and awareness. Bravo. Your messages struck home. “–US Navy attendee

“He is such a dynamic speaker–entertaining, funny, thought-provoking and ‘in your face’. The requirement for annual security briefings is something most people dread and only tolerate. His way of presenting the information and inspiring people to want to learn more about our current threats and think more about security and OPSEC is a real gift.”–Security Specialist, US Army Special Operations Command

“Ray, this was EXCELLENT! I need to be re-motivated—you did it! This should be advertised to managers and CEO’s.”

“After seeing him, I knew as many [military] base people as possible needed to hear his message. I have become keenly aware of types of threats, protection measures, and the importance of educating our people in security issues. DICE Man stresses that Americans are targets for collection of information, in particular, new technologies. He drives home that the threat is real and that each person can make a difference in protecting our American way of life.”–Hill AFB OPSEC Manager

“Excellent! I am excited about security and so is Ray. Wish I could follow him around to learn and absorb his knowledge. Can’t wait till the next briefing!”

“It’s always a pleasure hearing and seeing you speak. If all “security educators” were so energetic!!”–US Air Force attendee

“I had a security and espionage briefing today by Ray Semko…the guy is a real character and he is one of the most knowledgeable funny speakers around. He is an ex-intelligence agent and knows what he is talking about.”–Blogger

“Ray Semko’s briefings, and Ray, are fabulous, inspiring, and vital to our country. Keep up the good work!”

“Ray is a true patriot and first rate motivational speaker. He always wakes us up and re-energizes us to do our best to protect America’s competitive edge.”–Northrop Grumman attendee

“Sharpest tool in the shed. I wish more folks listened to what he had to say.”–Facchina Global Services FSO

“This was my second year to attend the NCMS conference and my second opportunity to meet and hear Ray. A friend of mine told me last year that I would enjoy listening to Ray’s presentation. I would like to say that I was riveted to my seat but Ray doesn’t permit that with his presentation. His presentation is so energetic that there was no way that I could sit still while listening to him. I loved hearing Ray again this year. I look forward to his presentations and I am looking forward to hearing him again next year at the conference and any and all subsequent years. Ray is a tremendous asset to this nation and all of us in the security world. I’m glad that he’s on our side!”–CAE USA attendee

“Ray’s talents have risen to another level. I’ve seen Ray on a number of occasions and it’s good to see his message hits the issues head on as usual. Great presentation.”–Booz Allen Hamilton attendee

“I can not express my gratitude to Mr. Semko for being honest enough to REALLY tell it like it is in a world today that is so scared of being “offensive”. The time to play nice is over and has been for a long time. His presentation is informative and interesting and makes you sit up and really take notice.  I have already talked to our FSO about bringing him back on an annual basis. His presentation is a MUST ATTEND for anyone who works in the security industry, from admins like me who deal with all the employees, janitorial staff and visitors on a daily basis to the CEO’s who deal with the higher level information.”–Overwatch Textron Systems attendee

“I was thrilled to hear Ray’s presentation at the NCMS in Reno last week. Just when you’ve thought you’ve heard “it all” from Ray, he pulls you back and gives you new information. He was at his best and I’m grateful he’s on our side because the bad guys don’t stand a chance.”–The Louis Berger Group, Inc. attendee

“Ray Semko’s dynamic “DICE” presentation is the best training I’ve experienced in 26 years with the government. His passion for the national security is inspirational…a true patriot!”–US Naval Surface Warfare Center attendee

“I always enjoy and moved by his presentations. I just wished they would have given him more time to speak. I definitely come away wanting to make a difference in our nation’s security. I was attending the FSO training and was very upset when I thought I was going to miss his presentation. I have attended the NCMS conference twice now and hope I get to go back so I can see him again.”–The MITRE Corporation attendee

“This presentation was great. I appreciate the inspiration so much. This experience has given me the best understanding and greatest passion I have had in over 15 years working in this industry.” — John Crady, CEO, Next Wave Systems

“Outstanding, inspiring, and on target. Having the opportunity to see the long version of ‘DICE UNLEASHED’ after the conference, was money well spent.”–Keith Whitten, PM Stryker BCT, US ARMY attendee

“Excellent! Every time I see one of his presentation I get more energized.”–ARINC Engineering Services LLC attendee

“The D*I*C*E Man is AWESOME!! Really enjoyed his enthusiasm and candor at the NCMS seminar.”–Davidson Technologies, Inc. attendee

A first-rate speaker. After about 10 minutes, the audience realized this was no ordinary boring mandatory government meeting. Mr. Semko was extremely informative (even deadly serious, which of course was the purpose of the brief), effusive, self-deprecating, and hilarious. Afterward I realized I had only looked at my watch once and I was amazed at how quickly the time had passed. I wish I had looked around to see if anyone was nodding off (which I sincerely doubt) but I was too personally engrossed in the brief to avert my eyes from the speaker. Bravo Zulu to Ray Semko. His patriotism is contagious!” —US Navy Attendee

“I always enjoy the DICE briefing and listening to Ray. He is so motivational and energizing that you want to go back to your company and make your employees feel as strongly about protecting our nation’s security and the warfighter as he does. I would love to have him speak to our employees and share his passion, I know it would make a difference.”–Northrop Grumman IT, Chantilly, VA

“Ray’s briefing reassured me that we, as security professionals, must always do whatever we can to make our world a better place and to keep everyone safe. He inspires many with his energy, his honesty and his love for our country. I can’t wait to see what he has to offer in the future! Thank you!”–Chenega Federal Systems LLC attendee

“The DICE Briefing this year was “AWESOME”. I always expect to get information from Ray Semko that makes you think about your security program not only at work but at home as well. His briefings always make you go back and take a second look at how you are contributing to the protection of our nations secrets. He did not disappoint and his entrance into the briefing was priceless.”–Raytheon Corporation attendee

“Ray was dynamic and informative… What an incredible briefing!!!”–Lockheed Martin Aero-Fort Worth attendee

“Simply put: An excellent Security Awareness Briefing. Action packed, attention grabber and motivational speaker. This is about the 10th time I seen The Dice Man. It is amazing how my mind is on overdrive with the information that he provides. Wow did that happen, and what can we do to make a difference. Value insight from the past, present, and into the future. GOD Bless.”–The Aerospace Corporation, attendee

“Outstanding speaker!!! Very motivating, inspiring, energizing, informational, and entertaining!”–The Boeing Company attendee

“I’ve heard “The Diceman” speak numerous times in my 15+ years in security, and he never ceases to deliver! I always come away with a renewed attitude and desire to succeed in the ongoing war with counterintelligence efforts. He makes me proud to be an American yet scares me as to the future of our way of life. His message should be a requirement at all high schools and colleges. Our next generation doesn’t have a clue what a challenge it will be for them to maintain the “American Lifestyle” to which they are accustomed. Great Job…Many Thanks to you Ray…. Totally Inspiring!”–Computer Sciences Corporation attendee

“I’ve seen Ray perform several times. Ray’s presentation at the NCMS Seminar was simply “Fantastic”. I really enjoy how he ties his threat messages to “real life” situations/cases to remind his audience that the ‘threat” is very real part of our lives and industry. His bottom line massage ” it has and will happen again” is something I always leave with.”–Northrop Grumman Corporation (IS)- CA attendee

“Ray’s briefing at the 2007 NCMS-Reno Seminar was truly as its title: “UNLEASHED”!” Every briefing that I have attended where Ray the DICEMAN speaks is more enlightening than the last (too many years to count). I have never gotten tired of listen to Ray; I keep going back for more! He is most knowledgeable of current events; simply put, he is the best!”–Verizon-Federal Network Systems attendee

“BRAVO ! ! ! Ray Semko is truly an American Hero. Now that Ray can speak freely without the fear of official reprimand or reprisal he is even more entertaining, informative, and effective. “Diceman Unleashed” should be a mandatory briefing for every government employee and elected official and highly recommended for all contractors.”–Sierra Nevada Corporation attendee

“Ray Semko a.k.a. “Diceman” presentation was outstanding!! He is such a gifted orator that he makes the extreme demands of security awareness seem effortless!!” —PRA, Inc. attendee

“Simply amazing. Ray re-energizes and inspires me every time I talk to him. If you never had a D*I*C*E brief, you need to see him “UNLEASHED”!” — Electronic Data Systems (EDS) attendee

“Terrific, as always! Ray’s briefings get to the point, touch the heart and leave a very lasting impression. If only we could all provide briefings like him!”–Chugach Alaska Corp.attendee

“This was my first time to hear Ray speak in person. I had seen his CD’s and tapes and was impressed. I came back to work all motivated and determined to do better and make those around me more aware. The passion Ray has just can not be expressed by any one other than him. I would love to have him speak to people here and express the passion.”–Motorola attendee

“Ray was entertaining and informative. His knowledge on his subject is second to none and he delivers it in a way that you can’t help but pay attention.”–Hittite Microwave Corporation attendee

“Really enjoyed seeing Ray “Unleashed.” Dynamic and on target as usual.” —Raytheon attendee

“As always, Ray Semko provides a very enlightening and entertaining briefing – everyone involved in protecting our nation’s security should attend!” —Boeing attendee

“Wonderful! I have had the opportunity of seeing the DICE presentations several times. I haven’t been disappointed yet. Makes me really stop and think about what is right.” —ITT Corp. attendee

“I recently witnessed Ray’s presentation in Austin, Texas. Ray’s ability to take an important subject that is usually presented in mundane fashion, and turn it into a patriotism stirring and entertaining event is just plain EXTRAORDINARY!!! God Bless America and God Bless RAY!!!”–General Dynamics attendee

“Thank you for energizing the CI briefing process.”–Raytheon attendee

“He’s the man! He is not afraid to tell it like it is.”–NCMS MidSouth Chapter attendee

“This was a wonderful experience that I will never, ever forget.”–Alion Science and Technology attendee

“I want to thank you for the DICE presentation that took place last week. My Department has received RAVE reviews about Ray. Please thank him for us.”–Thales Communication

“I try to encourage those who have never seen Mr. Semko to attend, learn, and absorb the golden nuggets of information he provides.”–USFJCOM attendee

“Loved the presentation by Ray. He is so powerful and inspiring. Excellent.”–AMDEX Corp. attendee

“Excellent brief, informative and entertaining, highly recommend.”–NCIS attendee

“Ray’s presentation at Techno Forensics 2006 was an eye opener. Thank you.”–Techno Forensics conference attendee

“Each time I had the privilege to attend one of your briefings, I walked away better informed, more aware and increasingly vigilant.”

“Ray will raise your level of security consciousness with his ability to inform AND entertain.”

“Ray spoke yesterday at our NCMS seminar. He was, as always, riveting, informative, and scary.”–NCMS attendee

“No doubt, this was the best security briefing I’ve ever received.”–US Navy attendee

“Thank you for making me believe that we can make a difference. I like seeing people doing things for the right reasons.”–MCIA attendee

“Spell-binding presentation. All in attendance were riveted by the unique, emotional and patriotic style with which the Diceman was able to get the audience to recognize their responsibilities to take security seriously.”–News article

“Ray Semko is a very unique and dynamic speaker.”–Hanscom AFB attendee

“Wonderful briefing, would like to attend again. I have always learned something new.”–Angle, Inc. attendee

“I’m glad that I attended this briefing today. With the current circumstances in America and other countries, this is a good time to be reminded of the security measures we should uphold.”–Defense Supply Center Columbus attendee

“I have been fortunate enough to to hear Ray on three separate occasions. His dynamic personality is so captivating that he hooks his audience from the onset of his presentation and motivates his listeners to continue contributing their efforts to our nation’s top security. His passion for national security has made him a well respected inspirational and motivational speaker. Thank you for another great year.”–Shearer & Associates attendee at the 9th Annual NCMS Seminar

“I saw the D*I*C*E-man brief at a conference in San Diego a few years ago. His delivery using all-too-familiar scenarios and his prescriptions for a sound security program would make the airmen who feel that they are farthest from the fight sit up straight and pay attention. As I prepare for another inspection, I would like Ray to come and re-energize our airmen”–Air National Guard attendee

“Very motivational! Thanks for a fantastic presentation.” —NCIS attendee

“Ray was a counterintelligence agent for more than 30 years, so he brings to his speech his ‘in the trenches’ experience and knowledge of what we should protect and how to protect it. He explains who the players are, their targets, their methods and most importantly, how employees can protect the information they handle. With this I am more aware of the threats and can do a better job in protecting intelligence information. He is a very patriotic person and makes you glad to be an American. During his briefings, one moment you’re laughing, then he transitions you to a serious thought, then you find yourself with tears in your eyes.”–Hill Air Force Base Special Security Officer

“Informative, humorous, entertaining! This is a very enlightening brief.”–RBC, Inc.

“The security brief that I attended was absolutely outstanding. Without a doubt one of the most informative and invigorating briefings in my 17 years of naval service.”–US Navy attendee

“Quite fast-paced, humorous and also serious message that industrial espionage is alive and well.”–SANS97 conference attendee

“His unique style was both thought-provoking and stimulating.”–CALSAGA conference newsletter

“This was my second time watching the “Dice-Man” in action and I can honestly say that his presentations get better and better. Ray keeps the audience in tune and he makes you think in “real-time” as he’s presenting his great information. I will definitely make sure to attend Ray’s session whenever I can.”–ITT Corporation attendee

“Ray is an outstanding speaker with an excellent message delivered in a unique style! Having seen his message for the last ten years – I can’t wait to see him again. It is always frustrating when Ray is asked to speak in a limited time slot. He really is his own show and difficult to wedge into an agenda. I thought he did an incredible job in the 90 minutes he was allotted, but having seen him many times, I know some of the material he “left on the table” was some of the most important parts of his briefing! I wanted him to go on, the hook of the agenda prevented it. All that said – Ray Semko is a national Hero in more ways than one.”–Raytheon Company attendee

“What a breath of fresh air…hearing the truth spoken so matter of factly was eye opening and refreshing. The DICE Man cuts through the political correctness and gets to the heart of the issues. He is truly an inspirational and motivating speaker.”–Vmware attendee

“Ray did a fantastic presentation as usual at the NCMS Seminar. I was fortunate enough to speak with him before he went on. What a great guy!!! I have seen him once before at JPL in Maryland and have one of his videos. He’s presentations are new, refreshing and entertaining every time I have seen them. Ray keep up the good work, you are a real patriot.”–DRS C3 Systems, LLC attendee

“I have seen a number of presentations by Ray over the years but his recent presentation at the NCMS annual conference to coin a baseball phrase hit the ball out of the ball park. Ray’s ability to present the threat in his DICE briefings has for years provided security professionals with ammunition to effectively do their jobs for the war fighter and protect national security. Thank you Ray and Welcome Home!!!”–Cytec Engineered Materials Inc. attendee

“The DICE Man once again proved his value to our industry! Not only a security advocate but a true Red White and Blue American! He shoots from the hip, tells it like it is. We need more like him!”–Sierra Nevada Corporation attendee

“Ray Semko’s presentations are so informative and so important to America. Someone needs to wake us up and Ray is the one. We always need a shot in the arm in security to motivate us once again, and Ray is that shot.” — Saab Barracuda LLC attendee

“The point of Ray Semko’s DICE brief is to get your attention – and he does. He is able to instill in each of us a sense of responsibility to the security of our nation, what we all can do to keep it safer, and the need to share the message with others. His inventive entertainment provides an interest in his topic and the content is current and eye opening. I am proud to say that I have been to several of Ray’s DICE presentations and always look forward to the next one. “–Jan Buttler, FSO, Jorge Scientific Corporation, IMPACT 07 attendee

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