Ray Semko has been a professional public speaker for over 30 years. Here are some of his speaking topics that Ray Semko can present to your audience:

  • The numerous and potential threats to US national security, to American companies, to jobs, to our families
  • The top security concerns and new cases in the areas of espionage, economic espionage and terrorism
  • The multiplicity and the interconnectedness of all the threats that constitute our biggest challenges
  • The methods of operations of the organization’s adversaries
  • The greatest threat that confronts organizations: the disgruntled insider who is able to do immense damage
  • The security concerns with social networks, cybersecurity and identity theft
  • Personal security and safety for the attendee as well as their families
  • OPSEC or security countermeasures
  • Understanding the value of and the need to protect classified or proprietary information that are the lifeblood of an organization
  • The indicators that are exhibited by the volunteer spy
  • That the enemies and adversaries of American and your organization will never stop targeting you
  • The reporting responsibilities when they observe suspicious activity and who should receive those reports
    • Often employees either don’t want to or are afraid to get involved when they see something wrong. I motivate them on the need to act and the consequences of not taking action
  • The importance of integrity and honor in the workplace, a topic too often forgotten in this age of so many corruption cases of waste, fraud and abuse
  • The pitfalls of drug use and excessive alcohol as well as addressing the growing problem of the number of suicides and sexual harassment in the military services
  • Leadership and the way to motivate your team to win (based on my experience leading an Italian football team to three Super Bowl championships in Italy while I was stationed there)
  • What you do and how you act has a tremendous impact in keeping America safe and secure