China #1 Country for ‘Sexpionage’

Brian McAdam said countries have been using sex to gather intel for over 1,000 years, and it hasn’t slowed a bit. “Many countries are still carrying on sexpionage, and the number one country is China.”

This statement was made by a former Canadian diplomat at a recent security conference in Canada about defending against espionage. Attendees and speakers were from the government and private sector. McAdam also said that:

“Virtually all” hotels in China are rigged with microphones and video cameras and many brothels, karaoke bars and massage parlours are owned by Triads that co-operate with Chinese intelligence services. The aim is to catch unwary Westerners in “honey pot traps.”

Mr. McAdam said men of influence are often targeted and face trumped up charges of rape or attempted rape and are forced to co-operate or face jail time. “They want to capture people in shameful activities – alleging sex with minors is a common method used,” he said.

The targets of Chinese intelligence?

Public servants and politicians are the main targets but the Chinese are also after the technology and military sector, so they target engineers, business people and scientists, too. “People say they won’t fall for it, but they do. Executives with a heavy travel schedule turn up in Shanghai or Beijing jet-lagged and find themselves in need of affection. People succumb.”

McAdam said that the intel services have plenty of time to plan a targeting/recruitment operation from the time you submit your visa application. They begin by using social media to get to know you and may approach you first there.

McAdam also said that Chinese industrial/economic espionage costs Canadian companies $1 Billion per month.

Other speakers included a defector from the PRC’s Ministry of State Security (MSS). He talked about the case of a Canadian Member of Parliament who had been sending flirty/fawning emails to a female reporter with the Chinese Xinhua news agency. She would be expected to cultivate the relationship, collect information and provide it to the MSS.

“In general, this should be normal. I mean, MSS or other Chinese organizations with intelligence [duties] should do this as normal,” he said. Li said politicians are always one of the first targets for agencies. “Especially senior politicians like him.” Intelligence agents often use being a reporter as a cover, he said, though not all overseas Chinese reporters are intelligence agents. Such agents gather secret intelligence in open ways, a method that works better than working through secret channels, said Li. Getting into an affair to gather intel is business as usual, he added.

Travel smart and if you get caught up in a situation, talk to your security office immediately.

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