Powerful testimony security officers must see

Many of you are security officers who have to give security awareness briefings to your employees.

Others of you are government or contractor employees who hold a security clearance and have to attend those briefings.

What if a person in the audience in one of these briefings was an actual spy?

What would he/she think of your briefing?

In this powerful video, an Intelligence Community contractor who was actively spying for the KGB tells what was going through his mind as he sat in one of those security awareness briefings:

Security awareness briefings are too important to be done quickly, to be a “sheep dip” or a basic routine going through the motions.

You never know who’s in your audience.

If you feel you don’t have enough knowledge, energy or emotion to provide the kind of briefing that really impacts your people, making them pay attention and at the end walk out of the room remembering the security message for a long time, you need to bring in someone who can do this for you.

You need Ray Semko. 

It’s time to schedule a DICE presentation today. Put in your briefing request via the Contact Form or call him at 814-935-6345.

Who is in your security briefing and what are they listening to?


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