Ways to protect yourself from recruitment while overseas

(FBI)  To ensure that you have a positive study abroad experience, the US government seeks to generate awareness about risks that you could face overseas – including those from foreign intelligence services. The US government supports US students’ travel abroad, which provides an opportunity to learn about foreign countries, customs, and cultures and acquire specialized linguistic, […]

New FBI Video on Espionage Recruitment: Game of Pawns

Game of Pawns: The Glenn Duffie Shriver Story video, dramatizes the incremental steps taken by intelligence officers to recruit Shriver and convince him to apply for jobs with the U.S. State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency.  Shriver Case: A Textbook Case of Recruitment Glenn Duffie Shriver seemed like an average college student—majoring in international relations […]

American tells how he was recruited to be a spy by Chinese Intelligence

Glenn Shriver

Transcript: Narrator: Former American college student Glenn Duffie Shriver studied abroad in Shanghai, People’s Republic of China. There, he became a target of Chinese intelligence services and crossed the line when he agreed to participate in espionage-type activity. He pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit espionage for a foreign government and was sentenced to a four-year […]