How the FBI Cracked the Chi Mak Chinese Spy Ring

(New Yorker) In the magazine earlier this month, I wrote about Greg Chung, a Chinese-American engineer at Boeing who worked on NASA’s space-shuttle program. In 2009, Chung became the first American to be convicted in a jury trial on charges of economic espionage, for passing unclassified technical documents to China. While reporting the story, I learned a great […]

FBI Wary Of Possible Russian Spies Lurking In U.S. Tech Sector

(RFE/RL) . . . .But a surge of Russian cash into the U.S. tech sector in recent years has prompted federal authorities to alert start-ups in a key American innovation cradle about potential espionage via Russian venture capital firms financing their operations.The Boston division of the FBI is taking this warning to U.S. tech firms with […]

US Charges Five Chinese Military Hackers for Cyber Espionage

FBI Cyber’s Most Wanted Posters Department of Justice/Office of Public Affairs Monday, May 19, 2014 U.S. Charges Five Chinese Military Hackers for Cyber Espionage Against U.S. Corporations and a Labor Organization for Commercial Advantage First Time Criminal Charges Are Filed Against Known State Actors for Hacking Indictment (.pdf) A grand jury in the Western District of […]