A Psychological Perfect Storm: The Jeffery Delisle Case, Part I

Jeffrey Delisle

(NOIR For USA) By all accounts, there’s nothing exceptional about former Canadian Navy Sub-Lieutenant Jeffery Delisle, certainly nothing that would suggest a future as a convicted insider spy.

A high school friend described him as the “sort of person who just blended into the background.”  If he was notable in high school for anything, it was for being a “straight arrow” and not the type to get into trouble.  Even his ex-wife commented, “He was a very black and white kind of guy, and he didn’t like people who did black things, so he made me look and strive for higher things.”

So how did a man of such seemingly strong moral conviction betray his country (as well as the United States, Great Britain, and Australia) by selling secrets to the Russian military intelligence service (GRU) for five years, beginning in 2007? . . .(read the rest)

Threats are Out There