Businesses warned about new espionage campaigns from of China

(CSO) Ongoing investigations by the FBI have revealed a group that has been compromising personal and sensitive business information from U.S. commercial and government networks in recent weeks.

In a memo sent to security leaders and community insiders, the agency warns that the data breaches were done “through cyber espionage” and that the tools used were the same ones leveraged by the group known as Deep Panda.

“Analysis of the malware samples indicate a significant amount of the computer network exploitation activities emanated from infrastructure located within China. The tools used in the attack were referenced in open source reports on Deep Panda. This group has previously used Adobe Flash zero-day exploits in order to gain initial access to victim networks. Information obtained from victims indicated that PII [Personally Identifiable Information] was a priority target.” . . . (read more)

Threats are Out There