D*I*C*E Briefing - 1991

This is a complete D*I*C*E briefing from 1991 given by the D*I*C*E Man Ray Semko. At the time, he was a counterintelligence special agent at DIA who created the Defensive Information to Counter Espionage (D*I*C*E) security awareness briefings for government employees. The goal is to make them more aware of espionage threats.

This briefing includes actual footage of US Army spy James Hall giving classified information to what he thought were the KGB.

Also interesting is when Ray tells the audience that Cuba is the biggest enemy of the United States and that they were trying to place agents in the government. At that time in DIA, senior Cuban intelligence analyst was spying for Cuba. After attending a D*I*C*E briefing, someone reporting their suspicions about her to security.

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