DICEMAN For President 2012

DICE Man For President
Ray Semko, the D*I*C*E Man has
‘had enough and is not going to take it anymore’.

So he has decided to run for President in 2012
to save America and protect our security for our children’s future
by promoting better Security Awareness in our country.

He served in the United States Army and retired from there.
He served in the United States Government in the Intelligence Community.

He knows first-hand the serious threats that face our nation.

And he wants to wake Americans up.

Schedule him today for a “campaign stop” to give his signature
Defensive Information to Counter Everything (D*I*C*E)
Security Awareness briefings to your organization,
given to millions of people since 1989.

Now, more than ever, your employees, co-workers, family, friends, neighbors,
all Americans—need to hear his powerful message.

And he doesn’t even need a teleprompter to give it.

Watch his campaign video:

Schedule a D*I*C*E Briefing

DICE Platform

Do the right thing when no one is looking.
Live with honor.
Have integrity every day.
Lead by example.
No one is entitled to anything.
Rights require responsibilities.
Credit is a promise to pay.
Our national security is our national economy.
We all need to pull our own weight; we also need to have each other’s back.
We need to make this country strong.
You are the solution to our problems.
This is still a country by the people and for the people – WE are the people.
Believe in free speech.
Die fighting for America’s rights and freedom.
Stupid people cannot be free people.
Rededicate yourself to your family and your job; doing so will help this country more than anything.
If we only think about security the day we get the security briefing, we lose.
What you do matters.
Who you are matters.
Everything matters.
Always have a D*I*C*E day


Because EVERYTHING Matters