Free Online College Course – Constitution 101

Hillsdale College is offering a free, online college course on the US Constitution. Too many were never taught or have forgotten the importance of this document, especially in today culture. We Americans are so fortune to have a Constitution like this and we should never take it for granted. Attending this course is an opportunity to […]

MUST READ: New Intelligence Community assessment of worldwide threats

On 31 January 2012, DNI James Clapper testified in front of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and provided the yearly Intelligence Community assessment of worldwide threats facing the United States. This is an important document and I always encourage people in my D*I*C*E briefing audiences to read it. Unclassified Statement for the Record on […]

TSA finds 7 snakes, 3 turtles in man’s pants

This makes you wonder what the guy next to you on an airplane had on him in the days before TSA began checking everyone. This from ABC News: You really have to find something strange to beat the best airport security catch of 2011 and of course I mean the guy at Miami International who tried […]

China’s Cyber Thievery Is National Policy—And Must Be Challenged

An Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal written by Mike McConnell, Michael Chertoff and William Lynn Mr. McConnell, a retired Navy vice admiral and former director of the National Security Agency (1992-96) and director of national intelligence (2007-09), is vice chairman of Booz Allen Hamilton. Mr. Chertoff, a former secretary of homeland security (2005-09), is […]

FBI Director Says Cyberthreat Will Surpass Threat From Terrorists

From ABC News: Threats from cyber-espionage, computer crime, and attacks on critical infrastructure will surpass terrorism as the number one threat facing the United States, FBI Director Robert Mueller testified today. Mueller and National Intelligence Director James Clapper, addressing the annual Worldwide Threat hearing before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, cited their concerns about […]