Sacred Honor Lost – 5 Dec 2012

Sacred Honor Lost

Everyone of these people who stole, lied, cheated, scammed, swindled or otherwise tried to gain financially through conducting Waste, Fraud and Abuse (WFA) have lost their Sacred Honor. Their money has no value, and now their reputation has no value.

Security officers: The value and importance of a securty office goes beyond just counterng espionage — The below Waste, Fraud, Abuse cases happen every day and is a persistent threat to your organization. For example, a payroll supervisor for a major company embezzled over a $1 million from her employer:

In her plea agreement, Jacobsen admitted that from 2008 through May 15, 2012, she fraudulently entered her daughter’s name into the company’s payment system as a vendor and then authorized 489 payments to her. During that time, Jacobsen worked as an accounts payable supervisor and authorized payments to vendors for services rendered. The illegal payments were sent by mail to Jacobsen’s residence. In addition, Jacobsen admitted forging her daughter’s signature and cashing the checks for her own personal use.

And it’s not just low-level employees. A recent case is of the CFO of a company who embezzled more than $1 million through a a false invoicing scheme with vendors.

The vendors funneled the illicit proceeds to Albanese in a variety of ways. Albanese directed one vendor to meet him at predetermined locations in Manhattan with envelopes containing thousands of dollars in cash. Albanese also directed several vendors to pay his personal expenses directly; the vendors used the proceeds from the scheme to pay for landscaping and interior decorating at Albanese’s residence; a designer-breed dog and “canine fence”; equestrian equipment; thousands of dollars worth of wine; and more than $40,000 in flights, hotels, and travel expenses.

Do you know who you are hiring based on govt ID’s like drivers licenses? Take a look at this case:

She illegally sold identification and citizenship documents to undocumented aliens and, unknown to her, to undercover informants and federal agents of Homeland Security Investigations. . . .  Castillo disclosed to informants that she knew a state employee who worked at a driver’s license station in the Nashville district who would issue licenses and permits in exchange for payment, without having to take or pass the required tests.

And then there is this case: Potomac Man Pleads Guilty to Obstructing Investigations to Obtain/Maintain a Government Security Clearance

This is why my D*I*C*E Security Awareness Briefings no longer stand for “Defensive Information to Counter Espionage” but rather “Defensive Information to Counter EVERYTHING.”










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