Chinese Spies Engaged in Massive Theft of U.S. Technology

People's Republic of China

This article makes me livid! I have spent my entire D*I*C*E career talking about what is referenced in this article. Yet in this era of globalization, there are some organizations who are afraid of what I say because I tell their employees what China is doing and who they are using to do it. If your organization is not afraid to hear the truth, be brave and schedule my D*I*C*E security awareness briefings TODAY!

Chinese Spies Engaged in Massive Theft of U.S. Technology (Washington Free Beacon)

China is engaged in large-scale theft of American research and technology from universities, using spies, students, and researchers as collectors, experts told Congress on Wednesday.

Compounding the technology theft, the administration of President Barack Obama weakened U.S. counterintelligence efforts against foreign spies by curbing national-level counterspy efforts, a former counterintelligence official disclosed during a House hearing. . . .

. . . . Several intelligence and security experts testified during the hearing that China poses the most significant threat of technology theft from an estimated $510 billion spent annually on U.S. research and development.

China has a government-directed, multi-faceted secret program whose primary task is technology acquisition, as well as a highly refined strategy to develop and exploit access to advantageous information through the global telecommunications infrastructure,” Van Cleave said.

Along with Russian intelligence agents, Chinese technology spies have developed specific lists of technology for theft. Beijing uses clandestine agents, front companies, and joint research ventures in the theft program.

“Indeed, the United States is a spy’s paradise,” Van Cleave said. “Our free and open society is tailor-made for clandestine operations.”

Michael Wessel, chairman of the congressional U.S.-China Economic Security Review Commission, testified that the Chinese are focused on stealing American advanced technology related to artificial intelligence, robotics, and other cutting edge technology.

Beijing has national-level programs to obtain advanced technologies with both military and commercial applications. They include acquisition of know-how related to:

  • new energy vehicles,
  • advanced information technology,
  • biotechnology,
  • new materials,
  • aerospace,
  • ocean engineering,
  • railway systems,
  • robotics,
  • power equipment, and
  • agricultural machinery.

“In the case of robotics and AI, two fields of study with the potential to fundamentally change the international economy as well as the future of war-fighting, China has released the Robotics Industry Development Plan and Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan with the goals of China assuming global leadership in the coming decades,” Wessel said.

China also is infiltrating American universities by funding language and cultural centers called Confucius Institutes that are being used as cover for technology theft. About 100 of the institutes are operating on American campuses and use their funding as part of “soft power” efforts in the United States.

China is also using some of the 350,000 Chinese students in the United States for intelligence work. Chinese spies recruit students with appeals such as “can you help China?” Wessel said. . . . (read the rest)

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