Domestic Insider Threat

Disturbing article about a growing domestic, violent Insider Threat:

Revealed: ANTIFA Leader Relied on Anonymity to Push Radical, Violent Communist Agenda (Daily Caller)

  • The Daily Caller News Foundation has determined that an influential Antifa leader uses aliases to spread radical and often violent rhetoric while concealing his actual identity.
  • Joseph “Jose” Alcoff works with congressional Democrats as part of his day job as a manager with a DC-based advocacy group. But he spreads socialist and communist propaganda when going by the name “Jose Martin.”
  • Identifying as “Chepe,” Alcoff advocates for the violent overthrow of the government and for the murder of the rich. He has relished the mainstreaming of Antifa’s militant tactics in the Trump era.
  • A 2017 book identified Chepe as an organizer behind Smash Racism DC, the Antifa group that mobbed Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s home in November and ran Ted Cruz out of a restaurant in September.

Smash Racism DC organizer Jose Martin, also known as “Chepe,” is a radical communist and Antifa leader operating in the U.S. He advocates for the violent overthrow of the government and for the murder of the rich and claims to have international involvement in left-wing movements.

Smash Racism DC is the Antifa group that protested in front of Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s house and berated Sen. Ted Cruz at a restaurant until he and his wife were forced to leave. It’s only one of the Antifa leader’s radical left-wing projects.

But the agitator has made great efforts to separate his fanatical personas from a third identity, his legal name: Joseph “Jose” Alcoff. Under that identity, the 36-year-old has worked as a payday campaign manager for Americans for Financial Reform since 2016, where he advocates for reforms of predatory loans before members of Congress.

Alcoff left nearly no connections between his real identity and Jose Martin and Chepe, but a Daily Caller News Foundation investigation of public records, social media posts, media reports, books, protest videos and podcasts dating back to 2004 found that all three identities are actually one person, posting online from the Twitter handle @Sabokitty.

He has used his Jose Martin identity to make public appearances to promote socialism, once calling for a society without police. But his communist Chepe alias makes his Jose Martin identity seem moderate, using it to advocate for violence to achieve his goal of eliminating capitalism and the U.S. government. . . . . .

. . . . The significant efforts Alcoff takes to separate his true identity from his radical personas appear to be intentional, and his comments become more extreme when he has more anonymity. Through his Twitter account, which he’s managed to keep anonymous, Alcoff has said that Antifa organizations need to operate “both an above board group and a below one.”

Operating groups within the bounds of the law is necessary to “get press” and “to have a base of support,” while underground groups are necessary so activists can’t be “linked by prosecutors or press,” he wrote. Alcoff said to avoid too much overlap between lawful and unlawful groups “to keep the press from blowing the open secret.”

Alcoff appears to operate similarly.

For example, Alcoff spoke on the Joint Economic Committee Democrats’ “Opportunity Agenda” podcast in August, where he stressed the importance of a stable and depoliticized regulatory environment so that “companies and industry figures out how to profit from more responsible lending.”

But in his social media postings, Alcoff often calls for the murder of the rich and the dismantlement of capitalism.

In July 2017, he urged his nonviolent followers on Twitter to “stop limiting yourself,” adding that “the left wins nothing w/ nonviolence.”

In October, Alcoff advised his law-abiding Twitter followers that they’re “doing it wrong” and later offered advice on how to execute “a good neck punch.”

Alcoff holds an especially militant view towards law enforcement, an institution he believes should be dismantled completely.

“Police lives don’t matter. They can all burn in Hell,” he tweeted in September, for example.

His tweets also glorify the killing of his political opponents. For example, in July 2015 he tweeted that Donald Trump would make for “such a spectacular public guillotining” shortly after the mogul declared his candidacy for president.

“I truly hope he has a very public death at the hands of the pitchfork wielding exploited, a public execution that befits Trump’s stature,” he wrote.

Alcoff, through Twitter, frequently calls for the complete dismantlement of America’s system of government. . . . . (read the rest of the article)

I encourage you to read the whole article that goes into detail with many examples of the violent beliefs of this Marxist who by day works at a Washington, DC advocacy group working with members of Congress. Also be sure to click on the link at the end of the article to read more examples of his Marxist thinking. Talk about insider threats . . . .

Here is just one of them:

Alcoff was recently arrested for participating in an ANTIFA violent attack on two US Marines Reservists in November 2018. The description of the attack is disturbing:

Marines Testify About the “Antifa Mob” They Say Attacked Them in Philly (Philadelphia Magazine)
“I could have died that day,” one of the Marines told the court on Thursday morning.

Alcoff faces 17 charges, including multiple counts of aggravated assault, ethnic intimidation, conspiracy and terroristic threats, and one count of robbery while inflicting serious bodily injury. He’s out on bail.


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