DIA Video About Jonathan Pollard Case

This 14 minute video “Jonathan Pollard: A Portrayal” produced by DIA’s Threat Countermeasures Branch. A US intelligence analyst, Jonathan Pollard was sentenced to life in prison in 1987 after he was caught selling large amounts of highly classified documents to Israel.

The video encourages American government employees to overcome inhibitions and proactively report suspicious activities. Actors portray “Susan” (a pseudonym for the actual DIA employee who first reported Jonathan Pollard to the Office of Security) and Jonathan Pollard. “Susan” heard Pollard’s elaborate stories of lavish European vacations, obsession over the Middle East and tales of elegant restaurant excursions. When she discovered Pollard was also transporting large amounts of classified material to his home she notified security. A librarian also warned of Pollard’s prohibited use of a briefcase to transport large quantities of documents.

The video notes it is “natural” for American citizens to keep such observations to themselves. “Susan” expresses that her initial worries about reporting Pollard’s possible espionage would lead to criminal investigators “climbing” all over the offices were unfounded. The investigation was “discreet” and “professional” involving a slow look at records.

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