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T-Mobile Accuses Huawei of Espionage

(New York Times) T-Mobile has filed a lawsuit against the Chinese smartphone maker Huawei Technologies, accusing the manufacturer of stealing technology, including part of a robot’s arm, from T-Mobile’s Bellevue,

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NOIR White Paper

Building a Better Mole Trap

(Newsweek) The continuing leaks of National Security Agency material by Edward Snowden so dominate the news that you don’t hear much these days about Cold War–style moles burrowing through the CIA,

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DSS 2014 Targeting Trends

2014 DSS Targeting Trends Report

The Defense Security Service has published its 2014 Targeting US Technologies: A Trend Analysis of Cleared Industry Reporting (pdf) Executive Summary Fiscal year 2013 (FY13) saw a continuation of the past

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Recent Trade Secret Cases

Kentucky Man Convicted of Theft of Trade Secrets Sentenced in Yakima Federal Court  . . . . Ward was arrested on November 11, 2011, in Floyds Knobs, Indiana, following his transfer

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Sacred Honor Lost

“Sacred Honor Lost” Recent Cases

Recent cases security officers should know about: Embezzlement/Theft Woman Sentenced for Defrauding Former Employer of More Than $440,000  while working as the bookkeeper and accountant for Telsar Laboratories, Inc. (TLI),

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