DICE Radio for 22 July 2014

      In today’s episode–DICE Man Ray Semko does a quick Current Threats Briefing on the Insider threat (everything old is new again), border threats, ISIS, Iraq, Nigeria, Ebola, “Chiraq”, Russia back in Cuba, Chinese into e-QIP, and the do-nothing Congress goes on summer break. He reviews the book : “America–Imagine the World Without […]

DICE Radio for 23 June 2014

Do you scream at your TV? Trying to figure out what’s going on in America? DICE Man Ray Semko offers some answers and insights as he talks about a whole range of topics in this new episode of DICE Radio. “We got our work cut out for us.” Be informed. Be motivated. Be inspired. Listen […]

DICE Radio 1 April 2014

        In today’s show, DICE Man Ray Semko talks about the missing Malaysian aircraft . . . Congress trying to cut military retirement while living large with their own great retirement . . . speaking of retiring Congressman Dingell is finally calling it quits after nearly 60 years of doing an “adequate” […]

DICE Radio 5 March

  On this episode of DICE Radio, Ray Semko covers it all–from the Academy Awards, DOD budget cuts on the premise the US can maintain its intellectual property, the Russian-Ukraine situation, insider spies, terrorism in China, the military’s QDR, an Executive Order you should know about, the FDA and foam in our food, to cyber […]

DICE Radio 4 February

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DICE Radio 14 January

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Economic Espionage trial over China allegations begins

(Reuters) Opening statements in a rare criminal economic espionage trial are expected to begin on Wednesday in a case where prosecutors accuse a U.S. citizen of conspiring to steal trade secrets from chemical giant DuPont for the benefit of a Chinese company. California businessman Walter Liew is accused of paying former DuPont engineers for assistance in […]

DICE Radio 13 November

– – – – – – – – – – – Additional Information: Veterans Day 2013     Congress: Don’t Blow America’s Energy Boom (National Journal) Everywhere you look in this farm-town-turned-industrial sprawl, you see signs of an oil boom that hasn’t waited for anybody. Roads are torn up and jammed. Workers are streaming in […]

DICE Radio 29 October

– – – – – – – – – – – – – Additional Information: After Government Shutdown, Few Discussing Budget Solutions (AP) Something is noticeably absent from congressional candidates’ rampant finger-wagging over this month’s bipartisan deal to extend the nation’s borrowing limit and reopen government: concrete proposals to fundamentally alter the U.S. balance sheet. […]

DICE Radio 8 October

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